7 Coolest Activity To Level Up Crafty Skill Around Melbourne

Cool place to Level Up The crafty skill in Melbourne
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Urban List and Concrete Play Ground

We are fortunate enough to live in a city that is considered to be the cultural capital of Australia. Melbourne is a blank canvas that is made to light with food, music, events and exhibitions from all around the world. It would be such a shame for all this talent and history to go to waste.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best art classes, walks and tours happening around Melbourne. Once you’ve tried these out for yourselves, you’ll be walking around Melbourne like the cultural expert you’ve always wanted to be.

Even if school is nothing but a hazy memory, it’s never too late to learn a new skill. Good thing Melbourne has an amazing selection of workshops, classes and courses to keep your idle hands busy (and most importantly, make you appear smooth and winning on Tinder dates).

From making your own ceramics and brewing homemade Kombucha to mastering the art of record collecting (yes, it’s an art), these are some of Melbourne’s best workshops. Settle down, you guys at the back. School’s in session. Here are 7 of Melbourne’s coolest classes, courses and workshops:

1. Melbourne Art Class HAWTHORN

Cool place to Level Up The crafty skill in Melbourne

This art club has got classes for all ages and skill levels, whether you’re looking for some watercolour workshops, Japanese Ink painting, drawing or painting classes. Melbourne Art Class even offer art therapy for adults and children, so you’ll learn the secret skills needed to perfect the basics.

2. Slow Clay Centre COLLINGWOOD

It wouldn’t be fair to leave off a pottery class, so one of our favourites hits the list too. Slow Clay Centre is offering up pottery classes for both children at adults. They’ve got wheel classes, hand building classes and a porcelain small objects and wearables class. They even have a clay club for kids and pottery workshops for longer terms of enjoyment.

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3. Art Studio 48 GLEN WAVERLY

If you’re in the mood for some mosaic making, you’re in the right spot. Art Studio 48 is known for the Adult Mosaic Workshops and we have to say, they look mighty fine. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and head to Art Studio 48 to learn something new and develop some new skills.


Holding classes in bars, cafes and pubs in the craftiest suburbs in Melbourne (Brunswick, City, Northcote and St Kilda), this creative organisation is leading the way with cheap and interesting classes, costing just $14 a pop. Laneway Learning has no fixed classes but regularly covers the classics — embroidery, jewellery-making and cross-stitch — as well as going off the beaten path with mindfulness, Spanish and card-tricks. Other classes of theirs aren’t even A Thing yet. Think balloon art and shower-singing. Various locations.

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