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Hi, I’m Nellie

The world of a move has to interest ME since I used to be a child! I keep in mind that I favour browsing exotic countries through my mama magazines. It quickly became apparent that I made a decision to travel to the touristry trade seven years past, and later worked as a travel advisor and manager at well-known organizers.

Nellie Olson profile

Seven years past, I decided to finish my career as deputy administrator of an agency and to transfer my experience to the media world. Since 2010, as a contract travel journalist and artist, I discover the full world and report on Scandinavian nation magazines and newspapers.

I started the Travel diary two years past to unfold my stories. This within the kind of informative stories in text and image still as short video clips. I want you abundant pleasure in browsing and that I am delighted if I will inspire you with my stories, as a result of travelling is my passion! If you’re fascinated by collaboration with ME, please send ME a mail!